Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where is Joseph McCarthy When We Need Him?

Where is Joseph McCarthy when we need him?

The former Republican Senator from Wisconsin made allegations he couldn’t back up, but it turns out that he was only a sage warning of a future that had not yet arrived. What is the difference between the Eisenhower Administration and the George W. Bush Administration? In the Bush Administration, there really are Russian spies in the military.

Not only does it seem the Russians have finally penetrated our Defense secrets, but this Administration is one of the greatest supporters of international communism. No, this is not a joke or some rhetoric. The second largest holder of any Federal government debt is the Communist Chinese government. Not only do the Communists hold our future economic vitality in their hands but they are using our funds to build up an economy that will soon surpass ours in size and a military that will makes our look puny in comparison.

Who knew that the greatest thing to happen in America for communism would be for George W. Bush to be elected President. As anti-communist Republicans, we need to work to take our party away from those we are selling out our country. Republican units; we have nothing to lose but our diamond encrusted gold chains

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Republicans Need Change At the Very Top

Today’s resignation of Andrew Card as White House Chief of Staff is a sad day for Republicans, for this is the loss of one hard working Republican public servant. Yet, with the Bush White House crumbling in disaster, it sometimes becomes time to tell the person in charge that it is time to go. So, President Bush: your time has come.

To save the Republican Party from a tremendous electoral disaster this year, especially now that polls show Democrats are more popular in every region of the country, and to reestablish the dignity of our country that has been lost by the Bush Administration’s defiance of international law, we urge the Bush Administration to continue making changes at the top. First, the Executive Vice President and decision maker of the operation, Dick Cheney, has to go. Sorry, but saying Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction when you had intelligence reports stating he did not, and now lying by claiming you never said that even though you said it lots of time, and on tape, is one indication your time has gone by. Oh, and shooting someone and waiting a day to report it (maybe to wait for that one beer you claim you had to pass through your system?) is another indication its time to go. He should be replaced by a decent Republican such as John McCain.

Next, the CEO has to go. George W. Bush never seemed to have his heart in his job. Sure, he will mouth the words expected of him by the right wing and corporate interests that got him the job, but that smirk and condescending attitude let us know he’s really not into it. He should resign, let the new EVP McCain take over, and then let Rudy Guiliani become the new EVP.

Those are the moves that will breathe new life into the Republican Party. Then, we at the Whig Party National Committee and the Republican National Committee can rise in unified opposition to those pesky Federalists.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Welcome to the Republican National Committee blogspot. This is a lesson in learning to protect your name. We are really the Whig Party National Committee who discovered by accident that the Republican National Committee blogspot was available. This presented us with a moral dilemma: do we steal it immediately or do we wait a few days until we have something to post? This moral dilemma was resolved in a fraction of a second. So, here we are.

So, let the debates begin. First, Republicans are wrong that only Republicans love God, Jesus, wealth, military, guns, hetersexuals, and inherited wealth. Whigs love those things, too, except for our non-Christian, lower income, peace activist, pro-gun control, and gay members. But other than that, we should get along just fine.

One thing we do disagree on: We think Dave Barry would make a far better President than your George W. Bush. We hope to schedule a debate: you name the time and place, and we'll notfiy Mr. Barry's agent and see if he is available.