Monday, March 27, 2006


Welcome to the Republican National Committee blogspot. This is a lesson in learning to protect your name. We are really the Whig Party National Committee who discovered by accident that the Republican National Committee blogspot was available. This presented us with a moral dilemma: do we steal it immediately or do we wait a few days until we have something to post? This moral dilemma was resolved in a fraction of a second. So, here we are.

So, let the debates begin. First, Republicans are wrong that only Republicans love God, Jesus, wealth, military, guns, hetersexuals, and inherited wealth. Whigs love those things, too, except for our non-Christian, lower income, peace activist, pro-gun control, and gay members. But other than that, we should get along just fine.

One thing we do disagree on: We think Dave Barry would make a far better President than your George W. Bush. We hope to schedule a debate: you name the time and place, and we'll notfiy Mr. Barry's agent and see if he is available.


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