Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where is Joseph McCarthy When We Need Him?

Where is Joseph McCarthy when we need him?

The former Republican Senator from Wisconsin made allegations he couldn’t back up, but it turns out that he was only a sage warning of a future that had not yet arrived. What is the difference between the Eisenhower Administration and the George W. Bush Administration? In the Bush Administration, there really are Russian spies in the military.

Not only does it seem the Russians have finally penetrated our Defense secrets, but this Administration is one of the greatest supporters of international communism. No, this is not a joke or some rhetoric. The second largest holder of any Federal government debt is the Communist Chinese government. Not only do the Communists hold our future economic vitality in their hands but they are using our funds to build up an economy that will soon surpass ours in size and a military that will makes our look puny in comparison.

Who knew that the greatest thing to happen in America for communism would be for George W. Bush to be elected President. As anti-communist Republicans, we need to work to take our party away from those we are selling out our country. Republican units; we have nothing to lose but our diamond encrusted gold chains


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