Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brooklyn vs. Bush

We at the Republican National Committee Blogspot have searched all over for the best documentary on George Bush we could find. We finally found an excellent explanation in episode 21 of “Brooklyn vs. Bush” for what happens to sadistic spoiled rich men who have mid-life crises and express their frustration by trying to upstage what their fathers did. Middle age politicians send their younger male rivals to die in wars that in turn make the politicians feel proud and patriotic. George W., who used to blow up frogs as a child and brand pledges in college, must be getting a thrill knowing that he removed Saddam Hussein when his father decided it better to seek an end to hostilities after achieving his objective of freeing Kuwait from Iraq.

Also, episode 21 has a nice game show “Deal or Deal”, which shows who wins and who loses in real estate development deals. Not that we have some bias about all this. The link for the show is: