Monday, June 11, 2007

Middle East Disputes and a Non-Partisan Solution

The creation of a coalition government to administer to people living in the disputed Middle East lands can resolve that region’s basic problems. This is indeed the simple answer to a complex problem. The complex problem is two groups want the same land at the same time. Neither group will recognize the authority of the other; indeed, extremists within each group guarantee that the opposing side can never receive recognition. Yet, if both groups can be permitted to simultaneously claim and govern the same land through cooperative arrangements, this will create a structure that can create resolutions of their disputes.

Property ownership is a state of mind that permits multiple owners. As the same land holds great religious, cultural, historic, and military importance to both sides, disputants believe they both have ownership claims. The solution to this dilemma is one that is taught to most children of all backgrounds: Share.

The governance could be by joint agreement or by coalition. Jews could be governed by Israeli law and Palestinians could be governed by Palestinian law, even though they live intertwined. As duplicate governance proves inefficient, coalition administrative services in time could form. While this may be cumbersome, it surely is no less difficult than the alternative of continued violence.

The ideas of coalition or joint governance have been proposed by both Jewish and Moslem scholars. Politicians have long cast aside these ideas as theoretically interesting yet impractical. Yet, I have seen no politician explain why the concept is impractical. Leaders on both sides should adjust their visions and examine this concept. Granted, it is a cumbersome idea. Yet, the most important reason for trying is very clear: It is a solution.


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