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"Bush Bedroom" Video

Bush Bedroom

This is the "Bush Bedroom" scene from Tales of the New Depression/Brooklyn vs. Bush.


Blogger theatre said...

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Blogger theatre said...

Another take on American policy can be found at

Many in the middle east have viewed the film Consequence. Sadly it shares in common with the above video rather average production values. I did what I could. The film The Last Head is in fact better but you probably would not like it.

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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

Thank you for this link, Theatre. The films were thoughtful. Some of the metaphors may have escaped me as I don't know the background behind the filming of your films. Yet, it is very true that there are critical cultural differences where our cultures do not understand important aspects of each other. The Iraq War reminds me so much as the same mistakes we made in Viet Nam: we entered as an occupation force and did not understand the people who were fighting nor the people we were defending nor how to fight them. In both cases, our lack of understanding about others has led to much tragedy. There are estimates that about 600,000 Iraqis have died during the current war and that about 200,000 Iraqis died during Desert Storm. The American public has little concept of how much damage has resulted.

As a humor column, there is little humor here. When the reality of "knock knock" jokes are "knock knock" shooting, then the joke is lost.

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Blogger theatre said...

Agreed they are not very funny. Quite crude in there use of metaphor and in the metaphor being used. In fact the metaphor in ‘Consequence’ is to put it bluntly Shitting. You see I calculated that in every culture there was probably an equivalent to the Western Metaphor ‘there shitting on us’ as a crude way to express being badly treated.

I did not intend to be obscure but probably I have ended up being just that. What amuses me is that the film has had many downloads in the Middle East. Sever hundered at least. I wonder what they make of it.

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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

At least our government in America is consistent. They treat us badly as well as treating people in foreign countries badly.

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Blogger theatre said...

Without doubt America has the potential to be one of the most desirable and admirable places on Earth. It is hard to identify what it is that goes wrong but somewhere the ideal is lost and all that remains is the rhetoric.
It is really rather sad but may be it is just human nature. You being a writer are probably self contained and individualistic. That certainly applies to me and I have never quite been able to understand the psychology of the group and the need to belong. However, it seems to me that once these characteristics emerge then human behaviour develops a terrible dynamics. That of course is not solely an American phenomena but it is just the America is so all powerful that the consequences reverberate.

I often think in human behaviour that the reasons presented as explanations for things that are done are not in fact the real reasons. That is an interesting feature of the film ‘Bush’s Bedroom’. Really what it is saying is that Bush’s thoughts are driven by sexual envy and frustration. May be this is a deeper truth than just a comic take on the situation. It could identify what drives society’s actions in general, and because of this it dose not have to be rational (whatever that might be).

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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

Yes, this comedy sketch is based upon a book by a psychologist who has studied George Bush. Some criticized the book because the psychologist has never had Bush as a patient. Yet, he points out that Freud and many other prominent psychologists have produced studies of people with far less information, and with Bush we have many interviews and film footage where we may study him. This film took the conclusions of the book and placed them into Bush's own words (via an actor). How truthful this is depends on your belief in the ability of psychology to isolate reasons why people behave as they do. I suspect, as much as this film was written for the humor, that there is a lot more involved than individual psychology. Yet, it may explain a bit, especially since Bush has acted very much as an individual in these decisions, even going against the advice of his Chief of Staff, Generals, State Department Secretary, CIA staff, and War College academicians. There was something motivating him to go to war in Iraq that led him to follow his instincts against overwhelming advice not to destablize a part of the country that was relatively stable, where Saddam Hussein was contained and the ethnic purges had stopped, and Iran felt constrained by Iraq. Now, the whole region is a mess, hundreds of thousands of people have died, and terrorist organizations are finding many more recruits to their side in response to the presence of a foreign power. What led Bush to do this?

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Blogger theatre said...

To be honest I am not sure I would be too keen to believe a psychologist, particularly when the explanation seems so textbook Freudian. Bush’s sexual envy of younger men is just a bit too glib an explanation. On the other hand something of the sort might be operating in the minds of those who volunteer to fight. It would not be sexual envy in this case but some sort of smothering of maleness in America society which leads them to lash out. It interests me to think that men who will destroy a city in Iraq might be so intimidated when at home as to be unable to raise his voice against his wife, let alone spank her.

There are two films on my site and each in different ways trying to say the same thing. I don’t think I will dissect them here. But what I will say is that the men who fight and in doing so think that in some way it is masculine are sadly deluded. When these men return they will be even more marginalised and pushed out of American society. War weakens men and strengths women.

When you said America treats its own people badly, I believed you. But I fear the real victims will be people like you, and I guess that means people like me as well.

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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

War does strengthen women because more men come back literally dead. One is not too strong if one is dead. Although some women soldiers are dying, but it still is mostly young boys being sent to die.

The problem with this war is we in for a stated reason of fighting terrorism, but we didn't go after the terrorists who attacked us. We blamed, in fact, an enemy of al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein. We took a country where we had neutralized Saddam Hussein so he could no longer commit genocide and instead destablized Iraq to the tune of approximately 180,000 or maybe 200,000 dead, increased recruitment for terrorism who wish to drive out a foreign power, and destablized the entire region.

The men (and at least one woman, Condeleeza Rice) may feel important because they can send people off to die, but what are they dying for?

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Blogger theatre said...

One of the things on your site that caught my attention was that you like the songs of William Shatner. Now I don’t live in the USA and the only such work of his I know was a CD of covers of popular songs. One or two tracks got a few play over here usually accompanied by a fair amount of distain and derision from the DJ. I think in reacting this way they where showing their shallowness. They where judging the work as though it was a pop song and not as it should be understood as a performance of the lyrics. In fact his performances where very powerful elevating the meaning beyond merely a pleasing sound.

It is often forgotten that just because an actor is cast in a long running, popular TV series they may none-the-less remain actors. I have a lot of respect for actors.

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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

I admire William Shatner as an actor and I like his current series Boston Legal, although I would have little respect for his character as an actual person. I was joking when I listed that I like his singing, although I give him credit for trying. His singing is often his talking, sometimes in hilarious over acting verse. It is truly one of the examples where it is so bad it is good, which you have to kind of admire because I thinks he really does know what he is doing when he sings so badly.

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