Monday, August 18, 2014

Of Rats (Not to be confused with Republicans)

Robert Hendrickson. More Cunning Than Man: A Complete History of the Rat and its Role in Human Civilization. New York, N.Y.: Kensington Publishing Corp., 1983.

Rates do not appear to ave any genetic changes from exposure to radiation.

Rats have very sensitive taste sensitivity. They may detect as little as two parts per million of poison.

Rays wil not eat refined floor.

Rat teeth can cut through concrete and steel.

Rats can fall 60 feet and land on their feet.

Rats will feed helpless rats and help guide blind rats.

During flooding, rate stay in narrow passages in their burrows where they survive as long as their oxygen lasts.

Rats often do not eat unfamiliar food which makes them difficult to poison. Knowledge of poisoned bait appears to be handed down from generation to generation.

Rats cause many fires of “undetermined origin” from their gwaning electric wire insulation.

Rats will bite and eat people. Tens of thousands are injured or killed annually.

Some authorities believe tat if crops destroyed by rats could be cut in half, world hunger would end.

It is not true that lemmings kill themselves by running into te sea. When the lemmings population gets too large in area, thousands will migrate in a straight line, They will swim across water always swimming to reach the other side. Those that drown do not intentionally drown Along the way, pregnant females remain behind in new areas.

Rats outnumber people in Washington, D.C. five to one.

Rats steal. They use dollar bills for nest bedding. They steal jewelry. Few suspect their belongings were stolen by rats.

Millions of people over four centuries died from typhus, bubonic plague, and other diseases carried by rats.

Over a million soldiers suffered from trench fever brought by rats into their trenches during World War I.

There were plagues in ancient Egypt.

The plague killed 300,000 of the Persian army of Xerxes which prevented him from invading Greece.

The Black Death in 1386 killed about a third in Europe including half of Italy, 90% of London, and all but five people in Smolensk.

Some people blamed a Jewish conspiracy for causing the Black Death. In Mayence, 12,000 Jews were burned to death. 510 Jewish communities were “exterminated”.

The Black Death, by killing so many workers, gave workers greater abilities to make more demands such that the manorial system was realigned.

During World War II, the Japanese dropped packets of plague filled fleas into China. This led to some plague outbreaks.

Some believe te U.S. used rats as weapons against North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

The U.S. (circa 1986) ad 25 researchers conducting plague research while the Soviet Union ad 25,000.

A female rt may ave 16 litters a year.

The Norway rat has an average life span of six months.

Lacking any other food, a rat will eat another rat.

Rats can live up to two weeks without food.

Rats can swim up to all a mile and can tread water for up to three days.

Dogs are te best animals at killing rats (not counting humans). Rats usually outsmart dogs yet dogs are rats’ best competitor. Rats will attack back against a dog and will gang up on a dog to get away. Dogs can be trained to kill rats.

Rats ruin 25% of sugar crop in most West Indies islands, the northern part of South Africa, several islands in the Pacific, and even a higher percent in Hawaii.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and others called for a war against rats. President Lyndon Johnson propsed a two year effort costing $40 billion. Congress defeated the proposal. Johnson commented the government does more to protect cattle then protecting children.

Stricter inspection of ships prevents rats entering. Still, rats can jump over mooring line guards with a 36 inch diameter, can walk 60 feet on cable at least a quarter inch thick, and can swim to shore.

The U.S. Agriculture Department used a new poison, 400,000 traps, poisoned grain in several carloads, and a million pounds of poisoned sausages to kill 8.5 million rats.

Red squill is n effective rat killer that has been known about since the 16th centuruy. te plant grows in the Mediterranean.

A good way to prevent rat infestaton is to change one’s environment by being so clean the rats have no food.

Mice eat less than do rats. A mouse eats about 4 grams of food per day. Yet, with their urine and droppings, they contaminate almost as muc food as do rats.

Medical research using rats has happened in most medical researches.

15 minutes of strong sunlight can kill a rat.


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