Friday, July 11, 2014

A Republican Hugged a Tree, and He LIked It

Gifford Pinchot. The Use of National Forests. (Washington, D.C.): U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, 1907.

Forest Reserves, later called National Forests, were created by Congress in 1891. President Benjamin Harrison, also in 1891, made Yellowstone the first Forest Reserve. Congress took this action to combat senseless cutting of trees, in order to better fight forest fires, and to improve forest timber management. Improper management would lead to decreased timber production.

Survey and field examinations help determine which lands should be designated as National Forests. There were (circa 1907) 195,000 acres of National Forests in the United States with another 5,000,000 acres in Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Housing growth was permitted in a National Forest when it was determined as suitable, A person who wished to build a home in a National Forest would apply to the Forest Service,

Mining and prospecting were allowed within National Forests, Claims and pattens were granted for mining yet not just as an excuse for cutting timber,

The small timber operation received special consideration within National Forests so they could could compete with larger companies, Over 90% of timber sales in 1906 from National Forests were for less than $500. 700 million of board feet were sold and 75 million of board feet were donated for free

There were (circa 1907) 1.5 million cattle and horses and 6 million of sheep on National Forests. A small grazing fee was charged.

County governments received 10% of National Forest timber sales receipts from timber taken within that county.

The National Forest Services gave local demand for timber first consideration

National Forests were also used for recreation and game purposes.

Rangers (circa 1907) were paid $900 to $1,500 annually. Guards, who assisted five patrol and construction work, earned $720 to $900 annually. 


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