Monday, December 14, 2009

Peshtank Was Also Known as Louisburg

Joseph H. Kleinfelter. Harrisburg: An Illustrated History of Postcards. Argle, Pa.: Schiffen Publishing Ltd, 2009.

Harrisburg is in Dauphin County. The county was named for the oldest son of France’s king, the Dauphine, to honor French assistance during the Revolutionary War. Harrisburg changed its name to Louisburg in honor of King Lewis of France. John Harris refused to sell any more land in town unless the name was changed back to Harrisburg, which happened in 1791.

A railroad from Harrisburg to Middletown, then known as Portsmith, began in 1836. The first passenger train began in Harrisburg in 1839.

Harrisburg was part of the Underground Railroad used by slaves escaping slave states in the 19th century.

After the Capitol burned in 1897, the legislature met in Grace Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1786, a flood delivered thousands of washed away pumpkins in what became known as the Great Pumpkin Flood.


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