Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Christmas Book from Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee. A Simple Christmas: Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit. New York: Sentinel. The Penguin Group. 2009.

The author offers stories of 12 aspects of Christmas: patience, sacrifice, loneliness, family, traditions, crisis, hope, stability, limitations, transitions, faith, and rewards.,

Huckabee writes about fighting business bureaucracy. He was offering a solution that he was willing to pay the business extra for that would financially help the business, yet several company representatives refused to approve this beneficial idea because doing so was against their corporate rules. He writes how glad he was to finally speak with someone who understood the businesses should help their customers. The help from this individual allowed Mike Huckabee to see his family at Christmas.

The story of patience related the anticipation of gifts to the anticipation of learning about spirituality.

The story on sacrifice tells of Huckabee selling his prized guitars to help pay rent.

The story of loneliness tells of his uncle’s struggles with cancer and moving in with his family as he had nowhere else to go.

The stories on family and tradition related some family Christmas memories.

The story on crisis discusses a time when his wife had health issues with a cancerous tumor at age 20 and how her prayers were answering by helping them deal with the crisis.

The story on hope tells how the child Huckabee expected to be born around Christmas instead was a Thanksgiving baby.

The story on stability explores the challenges of becoming a homeowner.

The story of limitations notes how relatively little Jesus is considered during Christmas and realizing when one needs to ask someone else for help.

The story on transitions discusses Huckabee’s deciding to move from being a pastor to becoming a politician. He studied the works of Paul Weyrich, Howard Phillips, and Phyllis Schlafly. He was angered when Arkansas Health Department Director Jocelyn Elders stated “preachers need to get over their affair with a fetus”. It was while reflecting during Christmas that he decided to run for office.

The story of faith discusses Huckabee’s father’s fatal illness and the pleasures his last Christmas brought him.

The story on rewards tells how Huckabee became Governor. He was Lt. Governor when the Governor was convicted of felonies. The Governor at first refused to resign causing confusion as to who held the powers of Governor. The Governor finally resigned and Huckabee took over as Governor. The previous staff took all files, records, and even phone books, making the transition difficult. Being Governor is a round the clock job and Huckabee jokes he learned to always be dressed when exiting the bedroom as there likely will be someone awake at work at the Governor’s Mansion. He discusses Christmas in the Governor’s Mansion. In conclusion, Huckabee wishes for his readers that “most of all, I hope you have a simple Christmas.”


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