Monday, September 22, 2008

Joe McCarthy Would Consider Republicans Today as Communists

I saw the movie “The President’s Mystery” yesterday. This was a movie released in 1936 based upon a suggestion by President Franklin Roosevelt with a screenplay co-authored by Lester Cole. This movie has a historical footnote in that several years after it was made, it was condemned during the Communist witch hunt as being a Leftist-Commie movie. Lester Cole was blacklisted and for years could only find work writing under a pseudonym.

The movie concerns a President who, in the midst of a depression, suggests that Congress create a fund that would loan money to small businesses so they could keep operating and keep employing people. The hope was the small businesses would repay the loans when the economy improves and many laboring people would continue earning wages.

Well, I am glad the right wingers of the 1940s and 1950s saw that this Leftist idea was crushed back then. We have learned our lesson, and we know that the government today would never entertain such a silly Communistic idea as bailing out failing businesses with loans.
P.S. In case anyone is not certain, the above is called “sarcasm”.


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