Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Was Not Palin a Member of Monty Python?

The TV show Wipeout is on tonight. No, not the new game show, the Republican National Convention. What is going on with Sarah Palin? My best guess is she really is
Tina Fey and that John McCain and Ashton Kushner have punk’d us. As the ghost of Lincoln looks down and wonders if our nation is ready to end our racial divide, how coincidental is it that there be a national candidate who favors the rights of states to succeed from the Union? What exactly do Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independents want to do, nullify our purchase of Alaska and sell it back to Russia? Somewhere Joe McCarthy is spinning in his grave. She obviously is not going for winning the fans of “Northern Exposure” who loved that moose in the opening shot, because Palin probably shot it. John McCain was a fighter pilot and they are trained to make quick decisions. My guess is either Palin was a spur of the moment decision, or else he and Palin were really enjoying good weed together when the decision was made. After George Bush, do we really want another pot smoking Redneck with an office in the White House? By the way, when your water breaks, the risk of infection is high. Go to the nearest hospital, not one that is ten hours away. This is the type judgment we want with someone who might someday have the ability to decide health care for an entire nation? When I first heard the choice was a first time Governor with only one previous local government experience, I decided she fits the mold of Spiro Agnew. At the rate she is going, her mold will be Tom Eagleton. The sad things is, Eagleton had to leave the ticket because he saw a psychologist. Palin may have to leave the ticket because she needs to see one.


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