Friday, July 06, 2007

Review of "The Making of a Teacher" by Martin G. Brumbaugh

This book was a leading influence in religion education (i.e. Sunday Schools) from around a century ago. It continues to provide insights on how moral education may be implemented. Noting that “Jesus declared that the end of the education of the human soul is to live in harmony with the will of man”, this book prescribes the virtues of politeness, morality, and humility as the goals of all civilization. The author sees teaching as a creative process that transforms a student into a new being. He urges that instruction reach the will of students and leads them towards proper living. “Character is God’s currency” is what this book declares.

The author was a leading figure in forming education policies as well as religious instruction. He served a term as Pennsylvania’s Governor where his pacifist sentiments were tested by the necessity that he serve as Commander in Chief of the Pennsylvania National Guard (in his role as Governor) during World War I. This book is informative to both students of religious instruction as well as understanding the thoughts of a man prior to being called to handle his conflicting views of resisting violence versus his duty to administer public functions.


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