Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Republicans Are Too Lazy to Go Sign Petitions

The process of requiring political candidates to obtain prescribed numbers of signatures in order to be listed on voting ballots is becoming an archaic procedure. Society has changed where it is difficult for candidates to obtain sufficient signatures. Many buildings, malls, and public places prohibit signature gathering. Many people, for reasons of security, will not answer the doors when campaigners knock. This old tradition is falling by the wayside as a new era of security consciousness becomes tantamount.

Fortunately, changes in society provide us with a new method to address this emerging challenge. People should be permitted to sign political petitions over the Internet as well as in person. Election bureaus should post the names of people seeking to be listed on election ballots and the public should be able to electronically sign the petitions of those candidates they favor to qualify for ballot listing.

Electronic signatures are already valid in many circumstances. They should be permitted for political petitions as well.


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