Sunday, December 07, 2014

If Dogs Could Vote, They Would Vote Republican Because They Would Believe Anything Fox News Throws Them

Deirdre Franklin. Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls. New York, N.Y.: The Overlook Press, 2014.

This book opposed breed-specific legislation which creates different laws for specific dog breeds. There is no scientific study showing any breed of dog is more dangerous than another Some breed, such as pit bulls, have developed a bad reputation because the breed has more “bad owners” who use them for dog fighting. An owner raises a dog and how a dog is raised does not change according to breed. Pit bulls get more attentive as an attack by a pit bull receives nine times more press attention than an attack by other breeds.

There are shelters that will kill pitbulls yet will kill no other breed This book seeks to educate people that there are no differences among dogs according to their breed.

It is recommended by the author that there be increased enforcement of leash laws. that dog owners be made more accountable when they let their dogs act recklessly, that laws make long periods of time tethering dogs illegal, that there be more advocacy for spaying and neutering dogs regardless of breed, that dog trainers be informed on who to use positive pain-free training techniques and that the public be informed to never let a child be along unsupervisd with a dog.


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