Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There Are Some Republican Children Left in Philadelphia

We have made great progress in learning how to improve the lives of children. We have discovered that music and arts stimulate their minds so they learn better. We recognize the importance of physical activity to keep their bodies and mind healthier. It is known that providing counseling earlier in life wards off immediate problems and deflects what otherwise could become lifelong problems. Since we know how to improve the lives of children, what is happening in the Philadelphia school system is atrocious and something we’d expect to find in an undeveloped nation.
The Philadelphia schools are opening without administrators, counselors, sports, clubs, and nurses. Essentially there will be classrooms for students where students will report where there will be teachers, and that is about it.
Ironically, there are hundreds of millions dollars available to build a new prison in the Philadelphia area. We seem to be planning to make this prison a huge success, Without counselors and administrators to help guide students, more students are destined to find their way to the new prison. Without well developed minds obtaining a proper education, careers in crime are assured
There are no intellectual disability counselors in Philadelphia schools, but there are in the juvenile justice system. There are no nurses in the Philadelphia schools, but there is health care in juvenile detention. There are no sports in many Philadelphia schools, but there are gyms in juvenile detention.
It is the height of irony that we make juvenile detention more appealing to some than school. We are building prisons and juvenile detention centers that cost a lot more than schools. Why are we spending more money to make the next generation worse off? What message are we sending to children?


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