Thursday, September 01, 2011

Republicans Only Drink Socially. Of Course, Some Are Exceptionally Social

Bill w. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. New York: A.A. Grapevine, Inc., 2010.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) began in 1935. It used ideas from religious and medicine in fighting alcoholism. AA began in Akron, followed by groups in New York and Cleveland. It was discovered that alcoholism is difficult to overcome. It took AA three years to develop the tenets is believes work best. The book "Alcoholics Anonymous" was published in 1939. This book helps readers understand alcoholism as expressed by alcoholics and the spiritual nature of AA.

The author declared that only God can remove alcoholism from an alcoholic. An alcoholic needs to feel total humiliation for one's alcoholic behavior and to admit the alcoholic is unable to overcome alcoholism. Those who won't admit to this hopelessness will fail, the book argues.

AA members confess their alcoholic deeds to each other, make amends, and pray and meditate to God or a Higher Power. AA recommends 12 steps, yet it does not insist everyone believe in each step. AA asks for members to openly consider each step. The author argues it is the person refusing to consider the 12 steps who has a closed mine. The author advises that converting one's willpower into the will of God will overcome a dependence on alcohol. The book notes that admitting one's defects is the most difficult step. When one becomes conscious of God, one will be guided in removing character defects.


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