Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We Suspect This Author is a Republican

Sarah Palin. American By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag. New York: HarperColins Publishers, 2010.

The author warns that our freedom could be taken away in one generation. She seeks to defend American values. These values include strong families and faith in God. She sees our flaws as flaws of humanity and not flaws in the nature of the United States. Our country is one founded in our belief in freedom and freedom results from being in God's image, Palin argues.

Palin sees Obama's health care program as a threat to freedom, for she argues it will limit the right of whether or not to buy health insurance. She instead believes Congress should pass tort reform to reduce the ability of patients to sue doctors.

America is an exceptional nation, Palin declares. Our beliefs and values make us so. The United States should strive to be a role model for other nations.

Palin believes in a free market economy. She sees government involvement in the free market economy is unfair. She encourages working hard to use our liberties to advance ourselves.

She argues that families are very important. She observes more people from broken families are more adversely affected during turbulent times. She uses the aftermath of Katrina as an example of this.

Palin writes she resigned as Governor so she "could fight for Alaska, and America, more effectively in a different venue."


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