Monday, September 21, 2009

A Book About Republicans Lying and Cheating: How Can This Be Fiction?

Ed Uraciv. Lying, Cheating Scum (no list publishing information, CreateSpace. 2009)

A lobbyist drinks for a living, according to Dennis Best, a fictional character in this book written by Ed Uravic, a real life lobbyist and former legislative aide. Best is getting bored with a life of taking clients to strip joints. He is sought after because his wife works for the House Appropriations Committee. His new challenge is involvement in a Pennsylvania Senate campaign.

In 1994, when Newt Gingrich and the Contract for America movement would bring a Republican majority to the U.S. House, the book presents fictional U.S. Rep. Lance Mansfield. Mansfield wants to run for the U.S. Senate. Some key Congressional Republican operatives desire that Mansfield run for reelection as running for the Senate would make his House seat an open seat that a Democrat would have a shot at winning. This mission is to get Mansfield to run for reelection to help Republican gain the House majority. If Mansfield runs for the U.S. Senate, he’ll run in a primary against U.S. Rep. Rick Santorum. If not noted the real life Santorum faced a similar dilemma as Mansfield faces in this book as Santorum was elected to Congress in a district that a Democrat had held and could regain.

Incumbent Senator Harris Wofford isn’t campaigning hard and Republicans believe he is vulnerable. In reality, Santorum would defeat Wofford. In the book, a fictional Jon Monahan, a wealthy contributor, wants to buy a U.S. Senator and feels Santorum can’t win in the general election. He wants to get Mansfield elected.

David Zook, a fictional political advisor, tells how the legislature redistricted the Senate House for fellow State Senate staffer Rick Santorum to seek that House seat, only to have Santorum instead run for, and win, a race for Congress. Now the mission for Dennis and Dave is to reshape the Senate race, especially since voters would not likely support Mansfield is they knew he was a womanizer and rapist.

The author portrays Congress as a place where staffers in some office improperly are involved in campaign and personal errands. Politics is seen as a world of sex and money and power shifting intrique. Key characters are people who, the author notes, “lie like Machiavelli’s mistress.” The adventures Ed Uravic is one that lovers of political and sexual escapes will appreciate.


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